Make money from your phone!

It is unlikely that the Global Recession has completely dampened people’s enthusiasm for new gadgets this Year End.

But for cash strapped consumers with a shiny new mobile in their hands, there is a way of making money from their old, unwanted handsets. According to mobile phone trade-in website Fonebank, only 20% of UK Consumers are recycling their mobile phones for cash.

A survey it conducted to find out what people did with their mobile, found that 28% put them away in a drawer while 23% simply threw them away.

“It is crazy that a lot of people out there are still chucking their phones in the bin when they no longer have any use for them”, said Mark Harrison, director of Fonebank.

Fonebank recycled around 10,000 phones in November, the majority of which are earmarked for Africa, Pakistan, India and South East Asia.

Other charities, including Age Concern and British Red Cross, are also offering people the chance to donate phones.

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Canada submerged in snow

Canada has been blanketed in snow from coast to coast after severe winter storm hit transport and left thousands of homes without electricity. Strong winds and snowfall have hampered relief efforts, with meteorologists forecasting more bad weather to come.

Storm warnings have been issued for coastal areas of Nova Scotia and Vancouver, Quebec and Ontario were also braced for more wintry weather.

Weathermen say that Canada may see its first countrywide with Christmas since 1971.

Several areas in the US have also been settling in for an extended cold snap, with storm warnings in place across a number of states after a weekend of hurricane-force winds and heavy snowfall.

In eastern Canada, Nova Scortia power reported that tens of thousands of customers were without electricity, with more forecast to fall. Some ferry services to the south eastern province had been cancelled, while cross-country rail networks have also been affected.

Several bridges, ferries and parts of the Trans-Canada highway were closed to traffic.

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Car manufacturers to get help

Canada has announced a $4bn bail out plan to aid 2 US Car manufacturers with operations here. The offer of the emergency loans follow the US Government’s decision on Friday of $17.4bn in loans to help General Motors and Chrysler survive.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said it was ” a regrettable but a necessary step to protect the Canadian economy”. The amount promised represented the 20% share Canada has in the North American automobile industry, he said. The money will help the two companies continue to operate while they restructure their business. The Federal Government will provide C$2.7bn in short term loans, with a further C$1.3bn coming from Ontario, where the manufacturers are based.

“These are extraordinary circumstances that require extraordinary measures”, said Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Mr Harper said that there were “hundreds of thousands if not millions” in Canada potentially affected by the ongoing difficulties in the Car Industry. He said that the deal ensured that Canada was looking out for their interests and insisted that the deal was “not a blank cheque”.

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