Crazy Indian job market

The US Recruitment market is currently valued at $90 billion but its Indian counterpart is barely more than a billion dollars. Despite India creating far more jobs than the United States, the Indian recruiting industry remains a pygmy in comparison. The online recruitment sliver of this industry, which is about 10 years old in India, accounts for almost a sixth of this market and also represents the fastest growing segment. “E-recruiting” , as the online slice of the business is popularly called, has its share of benefits and disadvantages.

While it works effectively for entry level staff, who are not taken through an elaborate selection process, it is just as ineffective for middle and senior management recruiting. Worse, the non-formal culture that e-recruiting has bred is an unwelcome challenge for high value recruiting firms who undertake a stringent diligence process prior to recommending candidates to their contracted clients for specific roles. Candidates have begun to view recruiting firms as redundant intermediaries and expect them to “download, cut and paste” their resumes from job portals and send them along to clients without screening them, much like postmen. Some of them get aggressive if they are put through a wringer, which is how it ought to be for any middle or senior management role.

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India among top 3 nations to beat slump

India has been ranked as the third best country to tide over the global economic crisis by a worldwide survey among business persons to understand the business morale and impact of the economic downturn. According to the Servcorp International Business Confidence Survey, India has been ranked as the third most promising country to survive the economic crisis.

The survey, which was conducted in April 2009 over a period of two weeks, was commissioned to understand the current mood, business morale and impact that the economic downturn has had on businesses around the world. Australia has been voted as the best place to be during these recessionary times by International business people, followed by China.

The third position is held jointly by India and Singapore while Hong Kong and Canada are in the fifth and sixth place, respectively. Interestingly, developing nations have emerged favourites among international businessmen as places, which are the best placed to tide over the recession. Twenty one of the thirty six countries listed by the ServCorp International Business Confidence Survey are emerging market companies.

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