Now get a mail from the dead in your inbox!

A new range of internet services have made it possible for users to now send email greetings to their loved ones from beyond the grave. In a macabre new twist to hit the internet soon, these online services are being used to send birthday wishes to friends, congratulations on a graduation, and to keep spouses happy. Before they die, internet users can programme the sites to fire off posthumous emails on key dates each year. People using these services can even set up their own online memorial in advance.

The user however will not be around to witness their site as it only goes live when the particular website is alerted to the subscriber’s death. According to the reports, these websites are part of a growing trend for “digital wills”. Although not legally binding, the online wills are aimed at ensuring the next of kin can gain full access to a dead person’s musings on sites like Facebook and Hotmail, as well as passwords for internet banking and other possible e-documents. This new phenomenon is being touted as DeathBook, a play on the name of the popular social networking website Facebook.

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Money is the best painkiller

The best things in life are for free but it seems that money can buy you happiness. A new research shows that money dulls physical pain and eases the sting of social rejection. Through six experiments, psychologists and a marketing professor probed the power of money as a proxy for social acceptance. Among their results, they found that merely touching bills or thinking about expenses paid affected the participants both physically and emotionally. Because it affects pain, money can be a clue to how the brain evolved to process social interactions, Live Science quoted the researchers as saying. The study appears the journal Psychological Science.

In one experiment, 84 undergraduate student volunteers were divided into two groups and asked to take a “finger-dexterity test”. One group counted 80 $100 bills from a stack, the other group counted paper. Afterward, the volunteers played Cyberball, a computer game in which four players passed a ball to each other. They were told that they were playing with three real people, but in fact a computer simulated the other players. In half of the games, all the players received the ball an equal number of times, but the other half was rigged against the human players. And guess what? Those who played the rigged version of Cyberball reported that they felt snubbed. But, on average, those who had counted money before playing rated their level of social distress lower than those who had counted paper.

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Go Camping and Hiking with Shopwiki

Hello friends. How many of you would love to go outdoors for some fun activities? In recent times, most of the people are stressed out and are finding very little time to spend some time with their family. In fact, i had not been anywhere from a couple of months until recently, where i had been to trekking with my family. And what’s more? You need to ensure that you have the right belongings with you, before you go on a camping or hiking or trakking with your friends or family members. So check out the exclusive range of Travel and Outdoor Fun buying guide, which gives you an insight on to the products that you need to buy before you go on a camping and hiking with your children. You may also need Food Dehydrators, Kitchenware and many more essential products before you go on a camping and hiking.

So if you need a list of essential products before you go on a camping and hiking, then take a look at the Camping and Hiking guide for more information. I had been to trekking recently and i had a great time with my wife and children The best part about our trekking, was that we had all the essential products in hand and we did not face any difficulty.  I had purchased a pair of Trail Running Shoes and i had a great time running down and above the hill several times with a great pair of shoes and all i had was total fun. So, my only tip to all my blog readers is that you need to have all the necessary products before you go on a camping and hiking. For instance, you will definitely need a pair of  Hiking Boots if you are planning to go on a trekking and you will also definitely need a pair of Binoculars if you would love to see the places around you from the top of a mountain. So ensure that you have all those essential products before you leave your home.

So friends, what are you waiting for? Get ready for an exciting camping and hiking trip with your family and have a great time. And do not forget to carry Sleeping Bags as you need a place to sleep when you go for camping and hiking. And to top it all, ensure you also carry Tents when you go Outdoors with your family as you can rest anywhere you want. Have a great camping and hiking with your family and enjoy the time!

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