Now get a mail from the dead in your inbox!

A new range of internet services have made it possible for users to now send email greetings to their loved ones from beyond the grave. In a macabre new twist to hit the internet soon, these online services are being used to send birthday wishes to friends, congratulations on a graduation, and to keep spouses happy. Before they die, internet users can programme the sites to fire off posthumous emails on key dates each year. People using these services can even set up their own online memorial in advance.

The user however will not be around to witness their site as it only goes live when the particular website is alerted to the subscriber’s death. According to the reports, these websites are part of a growing trend for “digital wills”. Although not legally binding, the online wills are aimed at ensuring the next of kin can gain full access to a dead person’s musings on sites like Facebook and Hotmail, as well as passwords for internet banking and other possible e-documents. This new phenomenon is being touted as DeathBook, a play on the name of the popular social networking website Facebook.

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