Update drivers with DriverAccess!

Hello friends. How many of you find trouble while connecting your old printer to your new computer? How many of you find difficulties in connecting your laptop to any wireless device? Well, if you are finding any difficulties in any of these similar instances, then today, you have the solution. Yes, today i am very happy to tell you all about a website, which has been providing drivers for several problems and can help your computer/laptop work absolutely fine. And what’s more? The website provides you to a very huge database of over 1 million drivers! Amazing, isn’t it? So what is the website i am talking about? Read below to know more.

Let me tell you all an incident, which was so simple, yet, i had a very hard time with it – I bought a pair of new speakers and i wanted to connect them to my old computer. Well, i did all i can do but there was absolutely no sound coming from the speakers. I troubleshooted the maximum i can do but i could not succeed. And then, i accidentally happened to log on to DriverAccess website, and i downloaded the Audio Device Drivers from the website. And guess what? My speakers worked absolutely fine!I was completely happy! Well, you not only have drivers for simple issues but you can download drivers for some of the most complicated problems.

In fact, as is said, there are over 1 million drivers in the database including the Computer Drivers for you to download. So friends, what are you all waiting for? If you face any problems while connecting any of your wireless or external devices with your computer/laptop, then all you need to do is to download the appropriate drivers including USB Drivers or Sound Drivers or Ethernet Drivers or any other driver among the 1 million available drivers! And what’s more? Once you download the Driver Access on to your computer/laptop, it detects the missing drivers and automatically installs the missing drivers in a few minutes. Great, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Download DriverAccess today and keep your computer updated with the latest drivers!

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Website ranks chances of death

Want to know the chances of your death in the near future along with its cause? Well, then log on to – www.deathriskrankings.com

The new website, developed by researchers and students at Carnegie Mellon University, allows users to query publicly available data from the United States and Europe, and compare mortality risks by gender, age, cause of death and geographic region.

The website not only gives the risk of dying within the next year, but it also ranks the probable caused and allows for quick side-by-side comparison between groups. For example, if a person wanted to know who is more likely to die next year from breast cancer – a 54-year old Pennsylvania woman on her counterpart in the United Kingdom.

“This is the only place to look. It turns out that the British woman has a 33 percent higher risk of breast cancer death. But for lung/throat cancer, the results are almost reversed, and the Pennsylvania woman has a 29 percent higher risk,” said Paul Fischbeck, site developer and professor of social and decision sciences and engineering and public policy (EPP) at Carnegie Mellon.

“Most Americans do not have a particularly good understanding of their own mortality risks, let alone ranking of their relevant risks,” said David Gerard, a former EPP professor at Carnegie Mellon. They found that beyond infancy, the risk of dying increases annually at an exponential rate.

A 20-year old US woman has a 1 in 2,000 chance of dying in the next year and by 40 years of age, the risk is three times greater, by age 60, it is 16 times greater; and by age 80, it is 100 times greater.

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Who’s driving Twitter’s popularity?

Twitter did not attract the young trendsetters at the outset. Its growth has instead come from adults – Kristen Nagy, an 18-year-old from Sparta, New Jersey, sends and received 500 text messages a day. But she never uses Twitter, even though it publishes similar snippets of conversations and observations.

“I just think it is weird and i do not feel like everyone needs to know what i am doing every second of my life,” she said.

Her reluctance to use Twitter, a feeling shared by others in her age group, has not doomed the microblogging service. Just 11 per cent of its users are aged 12 to 17, according to comScore. Instead, Twitter’s unparalleled explosion in popularity has been driven by a decidedly older group. That success has shattered a widely held belief that young people lead the way to popularizing innovations.

“The traditional early-adopter model would say that teenagers or college students are really important to adoption,” said Andrew Lipsman, director of industry analysis at comScore. Teenagers, after all, drove the early growth of the social networks Facebook, MySpace and Friendster.

Twitter, however, has proved that “a site can take off in a different demographic than you expect and become very popular”, he said. “Twitter is defying the traditional model.”

In fact, though teenagers fuelled the early growth of social networks, today they account for 14 per cent of MySpace’s users and only nine per cent of Facebooks’s users. As the Web grows up, so do its users and for many analysts, Twitter’s success represents a new model for Internet success. The notion that children are essential to a new technology’s success has proved to be largely a myth.

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