Get the best deals on eye wear

Hello friends. How many of you love to wear glasses? Well, wearing glasses has become a style statement in recent years and hence, there are several stylish glasses available in the market. However, not all glasses are of high quality, and most of the glasses are priced too high, thus being difficult for a consumer to purchase. So what’s the best possible solution to this? Which is the best place to buy glasses? Where can we get the cheapest and high quality glasses for daily wear? If you are having these questions in your mind, you have come to the right place.

Today, I am happy to discuss with all my blog readers about eye glasses, and its advantages, and the best place to purchase it too! Yes, wearing glasses can actually protect your eyes from dust particles that cannot be seen. Also, wearing sun glasses during summer can greatly protect you from the harmful Ultraviolet rays, thus keeping your eyes cool and safe. And what’s more? Eye glasses are available in variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be easily chose as per your interest. So which is the best place to buy eye glasses?

Well, take a look at the best eye wear shop in town, which provides quality glasses for daily usage or for some of the special occasions. You can buy Prescription Eye glasses, Bi-focal eyeglasses, Premium Photochronic glasses, Children’s Frames, Women’s Fashion, Goggles, Full Rim Frames and many more! And what about the price? Well, the price is one of the cheapest you can ever find, in any online website that sells eye wear. So what are you all waiting for? Go ahead and purchase the best eye glasses fort yourself and your loved ones today!

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Lights out, landmarks go dark

Sydney’s iconic Opera House and Harbor Bridge went dark Saturday at the start of the Earth Hour, followed by cities across Asia in a global switch-off aimed at revitalizing efforts against climate change. Harbor ferry horns blared to signal the energy-saving event, which is supported by 4,000 cities in a record 125 countries and includes 1,200 famous landmarks from the Forbidden City to the pyramids to the Las Vegas Strip. “From Brazil to America, to Canada, all the way down to Australia, Japan and India – it is a really diverse set of countries taking part this year,” Earth Hour executive director Andy Ridley said.

Sydney’s office buildings plunged into gloom at 8:30 pm, setting off a rolling wave of darkness which will sweep the globe in a boost for the environmental movement after December’s disappointing Copenhagen UN talks. The WWF-run event had officially begun nearly three hours earlier when New Zealand’s Chatham Islands switched off their diesel generators, leaving just 12 street lamps burning. It will eventually end in Samoa after nearly 24 hours. On the way, most of the world’s top landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower to the Empire State Building and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, will turn off the lights to show their support for energy conservation.

Beijing’s Forbidden City and Bird’s Nest Stadium were among the participants along with dozens of cities in China, the world’s biggest carbon polluter, where giant panda Mei Lan is an Earth Hour ambassador. Hong Kong’s renowed neon waterfront dimmed as did office buildings in Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo. In Japan, the city of Hiroshima turned off the lights at 30 sites, including the Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial.

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‘Healthy’ Osama gives orders to ‘Lala’ Kashmiri

The world’s most wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden, is “healthy” and “giving orders” to deputies in Al Qaeda, according to a Pakistani-origin taxi driver arrested by the FBI here on charges of providing funds to the terror outfit. A 35-page complaint affidavit against Raja Lahrasib Khan, arrested Friday for allegedly providing material support to terrorism and funds to Al Qaeda, gives details of conversations recorded between him and an undercover law enforcement agent about his association with Al Qaeda operative Ilyas Kashmiri, also the chief of HuJI.

In conversations taped on February 23 between Khan and the undercover agent, the 56-year-old taxi driver claims that Kashmiri, whom he addresses as “Lala” told him that Bin Laden is “healthy…Perfect”. “I asked the Lala about him (Osama). And he (Kashmiri) says he is (Osama) healthy, he is leading,” according to the affidavit against Khan submitted in a court here. Khan goes on to say that he thought Bin Laden was “sick” or “shaheed (dead)”, but Kashmiri “says no…He is perfect, healthy, and he’s leading and he’s giving the orders…He’s OK, he’s in safe hands. That’s what Lala said to me, you know…”

Later, in a conversation around March 17, the undercover agent met Khan and an “Individual B” at a restaurant here. During this meeting, Khan told the agent that he knew Kashmiri worked for Al Qaeda because he had asked him about “the big Lala, Osama….” Khan asked Kashmiri if Osama was “alive or is he shaheed”? He (Kashmiri) said no, he’s OK. Allahamdullah (praise be to God) he’s healthy and….He is commanding everything,” according to the conversation. Khan also told the undercover agent that  though he had never met Bin Laden “personally”, he wanted to meet him.

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