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Hello friends. How many of you have been caught drunk while driving? Well, this certainly isn’t an uncommon scene though, as every single day over a thousand people are caught drunk driving across the United States. Well we all know that driving rashly or “drinking and driving” is an offense and must not be done. Yet, we forget it and get ourselves in trouble. So what is the best possible solution to this? How can we save ourselves from this? Can we end this in an easiest way? Read below to know more!

I still remember that a couple of months back, I was caught driving, as I had drunk the whole night. I had no possible chances of an escape and I was caught by the police, with myself lying the station. There was absolutely no help for me and no lawyer was able to save me. But all thanks to my friend who helped me to meet the Los Angeles DUI Attorney | Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers who helped me to come out of this! Their tactics and solutions were so simple that it did not take more than a day for me to be out! Wow! Now, this is called the true experience and a real intelligent lawyer, what say?

So friends, what are you all waiting for? If you have been ever caught drinking and driving, and if you are looking to get help from the most experienced (over 50+ years) lawyers, all you need to do is to take a look at the above mentioned Los Angeles DUI Attorneys or the Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers, who will be happy to help you! And what’s more? Their DUI Defense firm has been recognized as a Top 5% U.S. Law Firm year after year. Sound’s good and promising, doesn’t it? So do not forget to contact the Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers for instant assistance! Cheers!

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Now, even blind can play games

In a development that will allow even physically disabled people become a gamer, British researchers claim to have developed a revolutionary and affordable computer game which could be played with the blink of an eye. ‘Pong’ is an open source adaptation created by the researchers at the Imperial College London where a player can move a bat to hit a ball as it bounces around the screen using their eye. To play the game, the user wears special glasses containing an infrared light a webcam that records the movement of one eye. The webcam is linked to a laptop where a software syncs the player’s eye movements to the game, Journal Science said.

Dr Aldo Faisal, the team’s supervisor from the Department of Computing and the Department of Bioengineering, said, “Remarkably, our team have created this piece of neurotechnology using bits of kit that you can buy in a shop, such as webcams.” The game that they have developed is quite simple, but we think it has enormous potential, particularly because it does not need lots of expensive equipment. The teams said that the prototype game is very simple but the technology behind it could be adapted to create more sophisticated games and applications such as wheelchairs and computer cursors controlled by eye movements.

They said, one of the major benefits of the new technology is that it is inexpensive, using off-the-shelf hardware and costing approximately 25 pound to make, while eye movement systems that are currently used to study the brain and eye motion cost around 27,000 pounds. “We hope to eventually make the technology available online so anyone can have a go at creating new applications and games with it and we are optimistic about where this might lead,” Faisal said.

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Earth set to enter new epoch: Study

A team of scientists has suggested that the Earth might might be on the threshold of entering a new geological epoch, which might include the sixth largest mass extinction in the Earth’s history. The scientists include Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams from the University of Leicester Department of Geology; Will Steffen, Director of the Australian National University’s Climate Change Institute and Paul Crutzen the Nobel Prize-winning atmospheric chemist of Mainz University.

The scientists propose that, in just two centuries, humans have wrought such vast and unprecedented changes to our world that we actually might be ushering in a new geological time interval, and alter the planet for millions of years. Zalasiewicz, Williams, Steffen and Crutzen contend that recent human activity, including stunning population growth, sprawling megacities and increased use of fossil fuels, have changed the planet to such an extent that we are entering what they call the Anthropocene (New Man) Epoch.

First proposed by Crutzen more than a decade ago, the term Anthropocene has provoked controversy. However, as more potential consequences of human activity – such as global climate change and sharp increases in plant and animal extinctions – have emerged, Crutzen’s term has gained support. Currently, the worldwide geological community is formally considering whether the Anthropocene should join the Jurassic, Cambrian and other more familiar units on the Geological Time Scale. The scientists note that getting that formal designation will likely be contentious.

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