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Augusta’s female cognoscenti still backing Tiger the golfer

Tiger Woods, the golfer, stills thrills female fans lining the fairways of Augusta National even though many of them said that they found his off-course behavior abhorrent. An informal survey of more than 20 female spectators out to watch players practice for Masters on a warm Georgia day, found nearly all of them happy to see Woods back despite the sex scandal that led to an absence of five months.

“I try to separate the athlete and the person,” Beda Johnson of Martinez, Georgia, told Reuters as she strolled with two friends along the 13th fairway. “What he did on 16 a few years ago (in 2005, his last Masters win) where he chipped in that incredible butt. How many times in the world are you going to see anybody do that? “If he can do it, no matter what he’s done in his personal life, that is a professional sportsman and that is what is important this week and to this crowd.”

White-haired Judy Coleman from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, was staying cool under the shady pines along the 15th fairway. “I am very glad to see him back,” she said, dressed formally in a light, lacy dress for her day at Augusta National. “I hope he is discovered the error of his ways and he’ll realize that he has family, and they need him and he needs them.”

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Floods wash away Rio

Flooding and mudslides killed at least 102 people in southeastern Brazil, authorities said, as the most intense rains in half a century paralyzed Rio de Janeiro area and brought scenes of fear and chaos. Fire and rescue officials said most of the deaths occurred in hillside slums where heavy rains since Monday triggered devastating mudslides. Officials said that 37 people were killed in Rio but hardest hit was Niteroi, a city on the other side of the bay from Rio, where 53 people died.

Flooding was so intense that authorities urged Rio residents to remain indoors and not venture downtown, where streets were impassable. Some motorists abandoned their partially submerged cars, while others were stranded for hours inside stalled vehicles. “All the major streets of the city are closed because of the floods,” said Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes. “Each and every person who attempts to enter them will be at enormous risk.”

Civil defense officials said most of the casualties were trapped in landslides in the hillside slums that ring Rio, a city of some 16 million people that will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Paes ordered schools closed on Wednesday for a second day in order to keep people off the streets. Separately, governor Cabral declared three days of mourning. Flooding also wreaked havoc with air traffic, causing serious airport delays. The Santos Dumont airport, which handles cargo flights, closed late Monday but re-opened on Tuesday. However at Rio’s Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, most flights on Tuesday were delayed and several domestic flights were canceled.

In a neighborhood close to the mountain where Rio’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue is located, the local weather service said the rainfall was recorded as twice the amount normally registered for the whole of April. Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva criticized decades of administrative malfeasance which allowed shoddy home construction in high-risk zones of the city’s shantytowns. Officials for too long, Lula said, have closed their eyes to substandard construction, even on Rio’s landslide-prone hills. Lula vowed that his government would work to improve the quality of construction in these areas.

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