Shopaholic girl taken to Mumbai slums by mom

New York-based scriptwriter Tracey Jackson was so upset with her ‘shopaholic’ daughter that she recently took her to Mumbai, India to show how poor people live in the city’s slums. Jackson, who has written screenplays for The Guru and Confessions of a Shopaholic, was so disturbed by her daughter’s careless attitude, which had left her with little sense of what it needs to earn life’s basic necessities that she decided to show her the real face of life. She also filmed her daughter’s encounter with the ‘real’ world, so that it can be used by parents facing similar situation.

Shating her experience during the ABC’s Good Morning America show, Jackson said when she saw clothings worth more than $12,000 thrown down carelessly on the floor of her daughter’s room, she decided that it was time that her daughter was exposed to reality. “One moment you wake up and go, I cannot take this anymore. When I started to make this, I decided the only way it was going to matter was if I show it the way it was,” Jackson said.

Javkson also candidly admitted that it was she who was to be blamed for her daughter, Taylor Templeson’s attitude. “I am totally to blame, 100 percent,” she said. Taylor also admitted that it was something she was glad to have experienced. “At the time, it did not really seem as necessary. Now, looking back on it, I am extremely grateful,” she said. Taylor is now studying film in a college, and said she plans to return to India to teach.

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