Treatment for Varicose Veins

A varicose condition of the veins results from sluggish circulation due to various factors such as constipation, dietetic errors, lack of exercise and smoking. Standing for long periods and wearing tight clothes can also lead to sluggish circulation. Obesity can also cause varicose veins. For a proper treatment of varicose veins, the patient should, in the beginning, be put on a juice fast for four to five days, or on an all-fruit diet for seven to ten days. A warm water enema should be administered daily during this period to cleanse the bowels and measures should be taken to avoid constipation.

After the juice fast or after the all-fruit diet, the patient should adopt a restricted diet plan. In the regimen, oranges or lemon juice may be taken for breakfast. The midday meal may consist of a raw salad of any of the vegetables in season with olive oil and lemon juice dressing. Steamed vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, carrots, turnips, cauliflower and raisins may be taken in the evening. No bread or potatoes may be consumed, as the whole effect of the diet will be lost.

After the restricted diet, the patient may gradually embark upon a well balanced diet with emphasis on grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits. About 75 per cent of the diet should consist of raw vegetables and fruits. All condiments, coffee, tea,  alcoholic drinks and white sugar products must be strictly avoided. A short fast or all the all-fruit diet for two or three days may be undertaken every month, depending on the progress.

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