US lines up $2bn more aid to Pakistan

The Obama administration is lining up at least $2 billion in fresh, new military aid to Pakistan even as it is lobbying for billions of dollars in defence sales to India ahead of the US President’s visit to the region early November. Two weeks before the India trip however, the US is all set to shower yet another round of military largesse on its dubious ally, ostensibly to help it fight extremists, who by Washington’s own accounts are fostered, protected and promoted by Pakistan.

The aid package is set to be announced during the US-Pakistan “strategic dialogue” the second this year taking place this week in Washington DC. The arms bonanza comes two weeks after Indian defence minister AK Anthony conveyed New Delhi’s apprehensions to Washington that US arms to Pakistan are invariably lined up against India, something even the Obama administration has on occasions recognized.

It also comes amid stunning disclosures pointing to direct ISI (and therefore the Pakistani state’s) involvement in the 26/11 terrorist attacks on Mumbai, which sites President Obama is expected to visit on November 06. On top of this, a top Nato official said this week that Osama Bin Laden was living in “relative comfort” in Pakistan, protected by locals and some members of the country’s intelligence agencies, following up similar charges earlier by secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

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