Just 4 hours per day at PC doubles heart risk

Just four hours a day in front of a computer or television could double your risk of a heart disease and thus increase your chances of premature death, a new study has claimed. Researchers at the University College London have found that people who work on computers or watch television for four or more hours a day are 125% more likely to suffer a major heart problem, often leading to death, than those who spend two hours or less. And the study also found there is also a 48% increase in deaths from any cause among people who spend too much time staring at a screen, the Daily Express reported.

Even exercise could not make up for the damage caused, say the researchers. According to the researchers, inflammation and metabolic problems caused by long periods of inactivity could be to blame for the increased risks – prolonged sitting could cause a 90% reduction in a vital enzyme, lipoprotein lipase, that helps prevent heart disease.

Emmanuel Stamatakis of University College London’s public health department, who let the study, said, “Our analysis suggests that two or more hours of screen time each day may place someone at greater risk for a cardiac event. “People who spend excessive amounts of time in front of a screen are more likely to die of any cause and suffer heart related problems,” he added. The researchers have advised people who work in front of a computer to reduce their risk by taking breaks for a brief walk every 20 minutes.

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Indian charged in US’ biggest insider trading case

An Indian-American is among four persons charged by US authorities as part of a wide-ranging investigation involving the multi-billion-dollar Galleon Group hedge fund scam, the biggest insider trading case in the US. Sunil Bhalla, a senior executive with Polycom, along with three others was named in fresh charges filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission  (SEC) on Monday.

Out of the four charged in the case, the SEC alleged, Robert Feinblatt, a co-founder and principal of New York-based hedge fund investment adviser Trivium Capital Management LLC, and Trivium analyst Jeffrey Yokuty engaged in insider training in the securities of Polycom, Hilton, Google and Kronos. Bhalla along with Shammara Hussain, an employee at investor relations consulting firm Market Street Partners that did work for Google, tipped the inside information that enabled the insider trading by Feinblatt and Yokuty on behalf of Trivium’s hedge funds for illicit profits of more than $15 million.

The action against the four individuals “reveals disturbingly corrupt arrangements – faithless company executives who secretly pass corporate information to hedge fund managers willing to violate the law for profit,” said Robert Khuzami, director of the SEC’s division of enforcement. “Market participants need to understand that by engaging in such behavior they invite SEC scrutiny, and we will uncover their conduct and take aggressive action,” he said.

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