Beat the cold with infrared heaters

Summer season is almost over and it’s the time for the cold winds to rule the world! Yes, it’s time to put on the sweaters and blankets as the cold season has just set in. Now how tough is it to resist the cold? We all know the difficulties we face in the colder season. You cannot go out nor stay at home, as the atmosphere itself would be breezing cold. We all have been facing this similar situation since years but now, there is a solution which can ensure to heat up the entire atmosphere where you stay, and thereby keeping you warm!

So if you are waiting to know more about this then take a quick look at the infrared heater which keeps your room warm at the push of a button. Now these infrared heaters are definitely worth buying, as they host a whole lot of features with them. One of the main features of infrared heaters is, they can warm any room up to 1000 square feet easily! The in-built Infra-red quartz technology ensures to provide a safer and a softer heat spread throughout the room. Most importantly, it is safe to touch for the kids and pets at home and can be operated via remote control.

So friends what are you waiting for? Do not suffer from the extreme cold temperatures henceforth. Get yourself a brand new infrared heater which ensures to keep your room warm within seconds! What’s more? You can buy infrared heaters for extremely lower rates and it involves a cheaper maintenance as well. You also get a 3-year complete warranty and absolutely free shipping to your door step! So do not think more, just go ahead and get yourself an infrared heater today! Feel free to call 1-866-966-1122 for any further information!

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Obama kicks off re-election bid on Facebook, Twitter

US President Barack Obama has kicked off his re-election bid for 2012 through popular online mediums like Facebook and Twitter, trying to replicate the huge success he had in the 2008 campaign. Obama’s campaign said in a posting on its website that he will tweet regularly from the popular social media service and his personal tweets will be signed “-BO.” The campaign said it will now manage both Obama’s Twitter account and Facebook page.

All the information regarding election preparations in Washington and other parts of country will be made available here, campaign staff of Obama, wrote on the Facebook page. The campaign said that the changes “will give us new opportunities to make the most of these channels, using them not only to report what the president is doing every day but to connect to the millions of supporters who will be driving the campaign”.

Obama’s Twitter account has over 8.69 million followers and over 21.6 million people have “liked” his Facebook page, making him the most-followed politician on the social networking sites all over the world.

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US accuses Pakistan of tipping off militants again

US officials say Pakistan has apparently tipped off militants at two more bomb-building factories in its tribal areas, giving the terror suspects time to flee, after US intelligence shared the locations with the Pakistani government. US officials believe Pakistan’s insistence on seeking local tribal elder’s permission before raiding the areas, may have most directly contributed to the militants’ flight. US officials have pushed for Pakistan to keep the location of such targets secret  prior to the operations, but the Pakistanis say their troops cannot enter the lawless regions without giving the locals notice.

All officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss matters of intelligence. The latest incidents bring to a total of four bomb-making sites that the US has shared with Pakistan only to have the terrorist suspects flee before the Pakistani military arrived much later. The report does not bode well for attempts by both sides to mend relations and rebuild trust after the US raid on May 2 that killed Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, a Pakistani army town only 56.32 kilometers from the capital Islamabad.

The Pakistanis believe the Americans violated their sovereignty by keeping them in the dark about the raid. American officials believe that Bin Laden’s location proves some elements of the Pakistani army or intelligence service helped hide the al-Qaida mastermind, bolstering their argument that the raid had to be done solo. The US officials explained on Saturday how they first offered the location of the third, and then the fourth site, in order to give Pakistan another chance to prove that it could be trusted to go after militants.

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