Gift your child the perfect gift basket!

Kids by nature love chocolates, ice creams, cookies, berries and so on. So how many times have you gifted your child a basket full of chocolates? Or probably a basket full of berries? Or may be even a basket filled with cup cakes? It’s very rare that we think unique and out of the box to make our child feel special. Though you might get your kid all the costly chocolates in the world, it really makes a difference if you manage to gift a chocolate basket!

So if you wish to make your child feel special and make his/her day memorable then you need to take a look at the gift baskets for kids where you can buy some of the most exclusive gift baskets. You can either present them to your children on their birthday, or even gift them to your neighbor’s children, your friends’ kids or may be even to your loved ones. I infact always believe in gifting a basket stuffed with cookies or berries, as it makes me feel special and of course, to the one who receives it as well.

So what are you waiting for? If there is any of your loved one’s birthday or a special occasion coming up, I believe it’s time that you go ahead and shop for a couple of gift baskets, in order to gift them on the right occasion. You can choose from a whole range of hundreds of gift baskets, containing various delicious food items like cookies, berries, cakes, chocolates and many more. Feel free to contact 1877-733-3683 anytime for any information. Cheers :)

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On Eve of Execution, Victim Wants Hate Killer Spared

Mark Stroman killed two men in a Texas rampage against Muslims after 9/11 attacks, but one victim who was shot in the face and survived is trying to halt his attacker’s Wednesday execution. After the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, Stroman’s attorney says, the then 31-year-old stone cutter “could not go to Middle East, so he turned on those who he thought were Middle Easterners who had come to the USA.”

Rais Bhuiyan, a victim, lost an eye in the brutal violence. But the Bangladesh-born Bhuiyan is seeking mercy, not revenge. He wants clemency for Stroman and is to appear in court hours before his execution. The hearing is Austin, where Bhuiyan sued Texas Governor Rick Perry and Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) to halt Stroman’s execution. Bhuiyan says his rights as a victim have been violated, and he wants the chance to speak with Stroman so that he can have a “healing dialogue,” said a source working with the victim and his organization,”World Without Hate.”

Four days after the attacks, Stroman shot his first victim in Dallas: Waqar Hasan was a Pakistani Muslim. He died instantly. On September 21, Bhuiyan faced Stroman at a gas station in the Dallas area. Seriously wounded, Bhuiyan miraculously survived a gun shot wound to his face. The final victim was Vasudev Patel, a Hindu. It is for Patel’s death that Stroman was sentenced to capital punishment in April 2002.

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Serbia arrests Last War Crime Fugitive

Serbia on Wednesday arrested Goran Hadzic, the one-time Croatian Serb rebel leader accused of mass murder and the last remaining fugitive wanted by the UN war crimes court in The Hague. Hadzic, 52, faces 14 crimes against humanity and war crimes for the murder of hundreds of civilians and deportation of tens of thousands of Croats by troops under his command during the 1991-95 Croatian war.

The European Union hailed the arrest as an “important” step forward in Serbia’s bid for EU membership while Serbian President Boris Tadic said it was the end of a “difficult” chapter in Belgrade’s dealings with The Hague court. “This morning at 8:24 am Goran Hadzic was arrested. With this Serbia ends the most difficult chapter in its cooperation with the court,” Tadic told a press conference announcing the arrest.

A pale Hadzic was brought before Serbia’s national war crimes court in Belgrade, which ruled he could be extradited to The Hague. His lawyer, Toma Fila, said he would not lodge an appeal and that Hadzic could be transferred within the next few days. “He was served with the indictment and the decision indicating that the conditions for his transfer to The Hague were met,” Fila said. The final order for transfer has to be signed by Serbia’s justice minister before Hadzic can be put on a plane.

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