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Women always have a feeling of making their night special. To make it happen, they emphasize on the nightwear. Well, though it is a known fact that everyone prefers a loose-fitting dress during the night, there are a few specific dresses that make women feel special and cozy. One such dress is the babydoll dress. If you are a women, you might have been using the babydoll dress and I am sure, you would have liked it. If you have however not used it but prefer to wear it henceforth, you have taken the right decision.

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New drug can extend life span of the obese

Sustaining the flickering hope that human aging might somehow be decelerated, researchers have found they can substantially extend the average life span of obese mice with a specially designed drug. The drug, SRT-1720, protests the mice from the usual disease of obesity by reducing the amount of fat in the liver and increasing sensitivity to insulin. These and other positive health effects enable the obese mice to leave 44% longer, on average, than these obese mice that did not receive the drug, according to a team of researchers led by Rafael de Cabo, a gerontologist at the National Institute on Aging.

The findings “demonstrate for the first time the feasibility of designing novel molecules that are safe and effective in promoting longevity and preventing multiple age-related diseases in mammals,” Dr de Cabo and colleagues write in the new journal Scientific Reports. Their conclusion supports claims that had been thrown in doubt by an earlier study that was critical of SRT-1720.

A drug that makes it cost-free to be obese may may seem more a moral hazard than an incentive to good health. But the rationale behind the research is somewhat different: the researchers are trying to capture the benefits that allow mice on very low-calorie diets to live longer. It just so happens that such benefits are much easier to demonstrate in mice under physiological stress like obesity than in normal mice. “The drugs could be used as a preventive but I don’t think they will ever be an excuse to abuse your body,” said David Sinclair, a biologist at Harvard Medical School and co-chairman of the scientific advisory board of Sirtris, which developed SRT-1720.

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Ecstasy a cure for cancer?

Ecstasy, the psychoactive drug which is banned in most of the countries, could be modified and used to cure some blood cancers, scientists have claimed. Ecstasy has already been known to be effective against more than half of white blood cell cancers, but scientists at Birmingham University, UK claimed they have made it 100 times more effective at suppressing growth.

Detailing their research in the journal Investigational New Drugs, the scientists said the new drug could be used by doctors to treat cancer if it can be produced in a safe form. Prof. John Gordon, who led the research said, “This is an exciting step towards using a modified form of MDMA to help people suffering from blood cancer. While we would not wish to give people false hope, the results of this research hold the potential for improvement in treatments.”

The researchers, in collaboration with the University of Western Australia, have chemically re-engineered ecstasy by taking some atoms away and putting new ones in their place. One variant increased cancer-fighting effectiveness 100-fold. It means that if 100 gram of un-modified ecstasy was needed to get the desired effect, only one gram of the modified ecstasy would be needed to have the same effect. Scientists say this also reduced the toxic effect on the brain. If everything is successful, a drug is still at least a decade away, they said.

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