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War hero reveals arms sale to Pak threatens US men

The gnawing and growing misgivings that the US and other western governments have endangered their own men and mission by arming an extremist Pakistan to the teeth has burst into public domain with an American war hero questioning the policy in a legal scrap. Dakota Meyer is the first living marine to receive the nation’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, since the Vietnam War for his role in repulsing an attack and saving the lives of many of colleagues in Afghanistan.

Following his stint in the US forces, Meyer began working for armament maker BAE Systems in the US in March this year and straightaway ran into issues that evidently conflicted with his ground experience in Afghanistan of essentially fighting Pakistan and his proxies. In an email to his supervisor earlier this year, Meyer complained that it was “disturbing” how Pakistan was being supplied with advanced thermal optic scopes made by BAE Systems when US troops were being issued outdated equipment. He argued that the firm was endangering US troops selling the scope to “the same people who are killing our guys”.

“We are simply taking the best gear, the best technology on the market to date and giving to guys that are known to stab us in the back,” Meyer was quoted saying in an email cited in a lawsuit he has filed against BAE Systems and his supervisors there. The lawsuit also refers to his fighting “Pakistani insurgents” in Afghanistan, and points to the growing resentment on the ground of US and Nato troops who see Pakistan as an enemy but are constrained by the political and diplomatic exigencies of their governments in coddling Pakistan.

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Obama firm, won’t say sorry to Pak

The White House has ruled out president Barack Obama offering “formal condolences” to Pakistan over the killing of its 24 soldiers in a Nato strike, as suggested by his top diplomat in Islamabad in a desperate bid to salvage deteriorating ties, a media report said on Thursday. “The White House has decided that the president Obama will not offer formal condolences – at least for now – to Pakistan for the deaths of soldiers, overruling state department officials who argued for such a show of remorse to help salvage America’s relationship with Pakistan,” the New York Times said.

The request for this came on Monday, two days after the attack, from US envoy to Pakistan Cameron Munter, who said that a formal video message from Obama was needed to help prevent the rapidly deteriorating relations between the two countries from catering. “The ambassador, speaking by video conference from Islamabad, said that anger in Pakistan had reached a fever pitch, and that US needed to move a defuse it as quickly as possible,” the officials said.

On Thursday, Munter condoled the “tragic” deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers, and hoped the two sides would emerge from the crisis as “stronger partners”. He also reiterated the US administration’s offer to probe the incident.

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