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Year of the Dragon leads to baby rush in China

China’s birth rate is expected to be a record high in 2012 as young couples are rushing to have what is regarded as a golden dragon baby during the year of the dragon that began the Chinese New Year on January 23. The rush to have children born with the auspicious zodiac sign hides a deep seated political desire for greater freedom, analysts said.

The dragon personality is someone with a free spirit, who creates his own rules. A person born in the year of the dragon is perceived to be a special one in a country where obedience to authority is the basic tenet. They are expected to reach positions of power through their own creativity and flamboyance, according to Zodiac definitions accepted by the Chinese.

Hospitals are reporting that would-be parents are trying to book their places in advance. Maternity wards in Shanghai were overcrowded during he first few days of the lunar year. Every bed in Beijing’s large Maternity Hospital has been booked till August. “The rush to have babies in this year demonstrates a rising desire among young Chinese for more freedom and democracy,” a senior professor said.

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