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Saudi to withdraw Syria monitors

Saudi Arabia will withdraw its observers from Syria because the mission has failed to end 10 months of bloodshed and will call on the international community to apply “all possible pleasure” on Damascus to end the violence, its foreign minister said. “My country will withdraw its monitors because the Syrian government did not execute any of the elements of the Arab resolution plan,” Prince Saud al Faisal told Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo.

“We are calling on the international community to bear its responsibility, and that includes our brothers in Islamic states and our friends in Russia, China, Europe and the United States,” Prince Saud said, calling for “all possible pressure” to push Syria to adhere to the Arab peace plan. Saudi Arabia “is withdrawing from the mission because the Syrian government has not respected any of the clauses” in the Arab plan aimed at ending the crisis there, he said according to the text of a statement he made at a ministerial meeting of the 22-member body in Cairo.

Earlier, a source said that an Arab league committee on Syria will ask Arab foreign ministers to extend a monitoring mission in the country by one month. “The committee will recommend an expansion of the monitoring mission for an extra month,” said one source attending the committee meeting in Cairo who asked not to be named. The decision was confirmed by a second source at the meeting.

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A New twist in the tale in South Carolina

Newt Gingrich did not just beat Mitt Romney in Saturday’s South Carolina primary, the former House speaker kicked away one of the main pillars of his rival’s campaign. Exit polling data shows Gingrich convicted voters he would be the toughest Republican opponent against President Barack Obama in the November general election. Electability – Republican campaign-speak for a candidate’s ability to beat Obama – had been one of the Romney’s emphasis on jobs and the economy and his perceived appeal to independents would help him against Gingrich, often seen as erratic and divisive.

But Gingrich’s combative style in debates resonated with voters keen for a heavyweight debater to take on Obama, grudgingly respected as a formidable campaigner. This may also be helping Gingrich’s message on the economy gain traction. South Carolina’s Republicans rated the ability to beat Obama as a candidate’s most important quality, an exit poll on CNN showed. Forty-five percent of voters said that was the main attribute they sought in a nominee. Of that group, 51% voted for Gingrich compared to 37% for Romney.

“It’s electability, and that is measured in your ability to effectively debate and prosecute your case against Obama,” said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak. Gingrich won 40% of the vote in South Carolina, Romney ran second with 28%, Rick Santorum had 17%, and Ron Paul won 13% with 99% of the vote counted.

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