Looking to buy a property? Check out the Holden Beach!

In recent times, buying a property has been a necessity rather than luxury. People understand that having a home is always safe and convenient. With the increasing population and lifestyle, people are now heading towards peaceful islands to purchase their dream homes; and one such place is the Holden Beach which is located off the coast of southern North Carolina. The island offers some of the majestic beautiful views and is one of the most popular places today.

I have always dreamed of having my own property on an island however, as you all know, getting an affordable and a lovely home on an island is tough. When my aunt recently pointed out about the Holden Beach, I was thrilled and excited! The island looked just the way I had imagined. So friends, if there is anyone looking out for properties at Holden Beach, take a look at holden beach real estate at SeaCoastRealty.com which gives you more information. You may also call 877-397-0942 (Toll Free) for telephonic assistance. Cheers :)

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‘Meteor crash initiated Ice Age’

A gigantic meteor that collided with the Earth about 2.5 million years ago, generating a massive tsunami, may have plunged the planet into the Ice Age, a new study has found. According to the Australia study, most scientists may have overlooked Eltanin meteor’s potential for immediate catastrophic impact, or its capacity to destabilize the entire planet’s climate system, where the 2,000 meter object crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

“This is the only known deep ocean impact event on the planet and its largely been forgotten because there’s no obvious giant crater to investigate, as there would have been if it had hit a landmass,” says James Goff, professor at the University of New South Wales. “But consider that we’re talking about something the size of a small mountain crashing at very high speed into very deep ocean,” between Chile and Antarctica,” said Goff. “Unlike a land impact, here the energy of the collision is largely absorbed locally, this would have generated an incredible splash with the waves literally hundreds of meters high near the impact site,” adds Goff.

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Mobiles as thin as credit cards?

Scientists are developing a new ultrathin lens which could lead to smartphones as thin as a credit card. The new lens is flat, distortion free and so small that more than 1,500 would fit across the width of a human hair – capable in the future of replacing lenses in applications ranging from cell phones to cameras to fiber-optic communication systems.

In a study published in journal Nano Letters, Federico Capasso and colleagues explained that the lenses used to focus light in eyeglasses, microscopes and other products use the same basic technology dating to the 1200s, when spectacle lenses were introduced in the Europe. Existing lenses are not thin or flat enough to remove distortions, such as spherical aberration, astigmatism and coma, which prevent the creation of a sharp image.

Correction of those distortions require complex solutions, such as multiple lenses that increase weight and take up space. To overcome these challenges, the scientists sought to develop a new superthin, flat lens. The new lens has a resolving power that actually approaches the theoretical limits set by the laws of optics. The surface is patterned with tiny metallic stripes which bend light differently as one moves away from the center, causing the beam to sharply focus without distorting the images.

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