Have you backed up your CD?

Hi all 🙂 Today, I am happy to let you all know about a CD backing up service, which is extremely essential for every one of us. We all store information in CD and DVDs but, if we believe that the information would be secure forever, we might be on a wrong path! Yes, recently one of my CD had about 600 MB of data which contained pictures, videos and songs. I had stored information about a year ago but when I tried to play yesterday, my system showed that the CD was corrupted. Now this happens for various reasons but once it gets corrupted, there are very little chances of getting it back.

So what is the best solution? After researching and inquiring at several places, I found an online store that duplicates our CD on the same day. Now this is really a good thing, as having a duplicate CD will not only help you to take the duplicate CD everywhere with you, but will also keep the original CD intact at your home or office. Now isn’t this a great and one of the safest ways? If you feel yes, then do not look further. Take a look at cd insert duplication online store and get your CD and DVD duplicated quickly and securely! Call 1800-951-3707 today for any assistance!

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Boss, workers becoming FB pals

Almost one-third of workers aged between 18 and 25 are friends with their boss on social media like Facebook, a new survey has found. However, more than half of them – 58% – have admitted they’ve never cleared potentially career-damaging content from their profiles. According to a worldwide survey of 4,400 people in 11 countries by anti-virus company AVG, 13% of workers in Australia admit to posting abusive content about their boss or company after a bad day at work.

Eighteen percent of employees in Italy have been found to express their emotions online, the AAP news agency reported. Eighty percent of Spanish young working class admitted to have posted inappropriate images online, while 28% of Australians admitted doing so. The survey also found one in twelve young Aussies had been asked in a job interview about things they’ve posted online. AVG’s Australian security adviser Michael McKinnon said the level of comfort with social media was blurring the line between people’s professional and private lives.

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3 dead, 4 hurt in US mall shooting; gunman killed

An armed man wearing body armor burst into a beauty spa where his estranged wife worked in the US state of Wisconsin and opened indiscriminate fire, killing three women on spot and wounding four others. The man, who was later found dead clutching a .38 caliber handgun and a bullet in his head, was identified as 45-year-old African-American Radcliffe F Haughton whose wife worked at the spa in a Milwaukee suburb shopping center.

All three of those killed were women, Brookfield police chief Dan Tushaus said. The area near the spa in Brookfield was locked down after the incident on Sunday. The victims’ ages and identities were not immediately provided. It was also not clear whether Haughton’s wife was among those killed. The incident was the second mass shooting in Wisconsin within three months. In August, six people were killed after a white supremacist opened fire at a Sikh Gurudwara. Tushaus said the first officers on the scene found the building full of smoke from a fire believed to have been set by Haughton, who had been accused of slashing his wife’s tyres two weeks before the shooting.

A restraining order was placed against him and he was directed to surrender his firearms over a suspected domestic abuse case involving his wife. President Barack Obama, who was informed about the incident, was told by his top national security officials that it was not an act of terrorism, White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

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