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Hi friends :) Everyone uses drums for storing things, let it be valuable or invaluable. Drums are found in almost every home and thereby, is used extensively throughout. Today, I am happy to let you all know about drum covers which are very much needed for all those people, who use drums for several purposes everyday. Now I use two plastic drums in which I store all my old school books and college material. You can probably store so many things in that, including the daily waste and much more. I however use it to store books and magazines and other stuffs.

Now before I had the drum covers, there used to be so much of dust on the books and magazines, it was a hard time to clean them. Now that I have drum covers, everything seems to be so very much fine! I mean, the drum covers are pretty tight and made of thick material. So, my books remain clean and fresh inside the drums, and no dust enters inside it. So friends, if you are looking for high quality plastic drums or drum covers, look no further. Just take a look at drum covers that you can buy at their online store to keep your belongings dust-free! Call 800-253-0421 should you need any telephonic assistance. Have a great day all :)

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Anti-gravity yoga is America’s latest fitness craze!

Anti-gravity yoga which requires you to move acrobatically, often in mid-air, with the help of hammocks made from parachute silk, has become the latest fitness craze in US. Anti-gravity yoga improves blood flow to the thyroid and pituitary glands, which is believed to boost hormone function. It is the brainchild of American choreographer Christopher Harrison, co-founder of Cirquedu Soleil, the Daily Mail reported.

“The hammock is so supportive that almost anyone can try more difficult poses, such as turning upside down, without risk,” said Gillian Reeves, National Group Exercise Manager at Virgin Active. The warm-up includes looping your arms around the swathes of fabric and leaning backwards. People hold on to the hammocks for balance while standing on one leg and buttocks clenched. Eventually, both feet are placed in the hammock and arms on the floor in a position called ‘a plank’.

The inversion is introduced after a few moves. Easing the bottom on to the hammock, people lean backwards, and then carefully wrap their legs around the silk, turning upside down. The scary bit is letting go, but the sensation of dangling from the ceiling is exhilarating.

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Hillary plays bailout card for Obama

With her increasingly severe looks and drawn face, Hillary Clinton is facing fast from public eye. Fewer people think she will have it in her run for the White House in 2016 when she will be 69, an age at which even Ronald Reagan’s stamina for the job was questioned. Clinton’s best chance was in 2012, when Barack Obama beat her to the nomination. Still, working on Abraham Lincoln’s “team of rivals” principle of drafting opponents into the cabinet, Obama made her the secretary of state, a job she has, by all accounts, done with distinction and panache.

On Monday, Hillary, putting aside all the baggage of her complex relations with the president, made one last sacrifice for her one-time opponent – taking the rap for the Libya fiasco which killed Christopher Stevens, the US ambassador to Tripoli, in what is seen as an selfless effort to secure a second term presidency for Obama. “I take responsibility” for what happened on September 11, Clinton said in a CNN interview in Lima, Peru, one of her last stops in the final frenetic tours as secretary of state. “I want to avoid some kind of political gotcha.”

The mea culpa, coming just 24 hours before the second presidential debate at Hoffstra University, where foreign policy will be on the table, spread like wildfire through the political area with pundits seeing it as Hillary’s bailout card for the beleaguered president. Obama is certain to be attacked in the debate for the fiasco, although the he appears to have more trust from voters overall in foreign policy matters.

If Clinton succeeds in falling on the sword for Obama, as some analysts have put it, then she will join her husband in bailing out the president in the interests of the Democratic Party despite their initial reservations. Bill Clinton has been campaigning hard for Obama, and between them, the Clintons are tasked with retrieving the support of female voters which has fallen sharply in recent weeks. Recent polls by Gallup show that after months of leading Romney by double digits among women, Obama’s lead has melted and the two are almost tied. The Obama camp is desperate to bring women-related issues such as abortion and equal pay – where the Romney camp is one the defensive – to the table during the second debate.

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