Flying alone? Try ‘airport dating’ :)

Love at First Flight! Stranded airport passengers are increasingly turning to travel dating websites to combat boredom an meet new people while they wait at the departure gate. Steve Pasternack, a web entrepreneur, has created a dating website that enables travelers to connect at the airport. The website already has 20,000 members worldwide according to the founder Pasternack, who created the website after a delayed flight left him stranded at Miami Airport.

Pasternack claims that the platform has attracted roughly 20,000 members worldwide, CNN reported. The website asks new members to enter their personal interests, and an aesthetic profile, before adding flight details and departure airport. It then matches flyers with individuals who have similar interests and travel arrangements. So far people in the US, Mexico and Germany have shown most interests, although Pasternack says members have joined from all over the world.

“What better time to meet somebody new than when you’re sitting in an airport? This person could be a travel companion (or) could be from the place you’re going to. It could turn into a friendship, a romance. It could work out for many business things,” he said.Pasternack is not alone in exploring the possibility of transforming airports into social meeting places. Vantaa Airport is Helsinki, Finland recently considered the possibility of introducing an airport speed-dating service, the report said.

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