Looking for some dating tips?

Dating has always been my favorite pastime and it always gets better with each time! Yes, as far as I remember, I first started dating when I was 16 years. Well, I can still remember the girl whom I first dated. She was extremely beautiful and we dated for almost three years. BTW I found her from adult dating directory and back then, there were only a handful of them offering real dating services. I was happy with my girl but after three years, I had to fly out of the country as my job demanded it. Unfortunately, I lost her but of course, the memories that I had with her are unforgettable!

Anyway, today I am writing this post for all my blog readers, and especially to those teenage buddies who are looking for real dating. Well, there are hundreds to thousands of dating websites today however, only a selected few offer genuine dating services. If you are however new to dating and need some start-up before venturing into the real world, then I suggest that you take a look at adult dating tips that offers you some amazing tips that you can ever find. In fact I myself have been benefited a lot from those tips, and has actually helped me when I was dating.

Plus, the dating tips are submitted from some real users and so, you can always believe that it worked hundred percent! Several of my friends have used the dating tips and have implemented in their life, and trust me, they come to me and thank me for showing them those exclusive tips! So guys, I am late for my office and I am about to leave my home; but before I do, let me give out my best wishes and hope you guys find the best date at the earliest. And yes, refer to some adult reviews as well, it helps a lot. So have fun and do not forget to drop in your comments about your dating experience!

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Now, online ‘searchability’ is the key to landing a job

If you are thinking of looking for a job this year, or are already searching for one, be warned: for some job seekers, the rules have changed. Technology and social media have altered the way some employers consider candidates. Simply sifting through job postings and sending out applications en masse was never a good route to success, and is even less so now.

One of the most important questions that many job seekers can ask these days is this: How searchable am I? Some employers aren’t even bothering to post jobs, but are instead searching online for the right candidate, said Barbara Safani, owner of Career Solvers, a career management firm in New York. Not having an internet presence can be damaging, Safani said. She is among those who recommended that job seekers spend serious time detailing their skills and experience on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, with an eye toward making their names a magnet for search engines.

“Having a blog can be a good way to show that you are a thought leader” while improving your professional visibility, she said. And consider YouTube as a way to enhance your searchability, she advised. If an employer comes across a video of you giving speech or a training presentation, she said, you may gain an advantage. More companies are turning to Twitter to broadcast job openings, so you should use it to follow recruiters, industry leaders and individual firms, said Alison Doyle, a job search specialist for About.com. On Facebook, “liking” a company can mean only receiving early notice for job openings and other news. But privacy concerns make Facebook tricky, Doyle said.

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Djokovic makes it again!

Novak Djokovic became the first man to win three successive Australian Open titles in the professional era when he beat third seed Andy Murray 6-7 7-6 6-3 6-2 in a battle of attrition on Sunday. The Serb, who has now won four of his six grand slam titles in Melbourne, managed to win the important points as the Briton suffered from blisters on his right foot and problems at the top of his left hamstring.

Both players produced superb service games throughout the match with Djokovic the first to achieve a break in the eighth game of the third set, propelling him to the brink of the title after the pair had shared tiebreaks in the first two sets. Djokovic then capitalized on a flagging Murray, who had battled to a five-set win over Roger Federer on Friday, breaking early in the fourth set and then holding on to clinch the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup for the fourth time.

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