Kerry says Assad has to go, spurs oppn on peace talks

America’s intentions over ousting Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad couldn’t have been clearer. New US Secretary of state John Kerry on his first foreign visit after taking over office said in London on Monday that “President Assad has to go.” Kerry and UK’s foreign secretary William Hague will be attending a crucial meeting in Rome on Thursday to make decisions which could also include arming rebels to overthrow President Assad. Kerry assured Syrian rebels that, that “will not be left dangling in the wind, wondering where the support is and whether it is coming.”

Asserting himself, Kerry, said, “I am the new secretary of state. We are not going to Rome to talk but to make decisions. Some major plans will come to maturity in this meeting while others might have a longer gestation period.” Hague said, “The secretary and I will both attend the Rome meeting of the Friends of Syria this week. An appalling injustice is being done to the Syrian people, which the world can’t ignore. So we discussed the vital need for a political transition, and our firms support for the UN and Arab League Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.”

Hague added, “We agreed that for as long as a political solution to the conflict is blocked off, the international community has a responsibility to take steps to help prevent the loss of life in Syria. This includes the terrible loss of life in Aleppo. That is why in the UK we believe we must significantly increase our support for the Syrian opposition and we are preparing to do just that.”

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