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Hello friends :) I still remember, the last time I met my friend, he said that he is keen on opening his own retail store. He wanted to sell groceries and anything else that he could in his 2,000 sq-ft warehouse that he had. Only those items that he could not manufacture, he decided to order from third party sources. With that in mind, he rolled out the plans and on one fine day, he called me to explain everything. He is my good friend and after listening to his plans, I was impressed and suggested a few minor changes. I also told him to visit in order to buy labels. As I said before, my friend decided to manufacture most of the FMCG goods himself, or rather at his warehouse only.

So, as a result he had to buy enough labels too, with barcodes encoded on them. This will ensure that all the goods can be tracked easily and most importantly, error-free. While there are several companies that offer labels, I personally prefer for shopping, because they have a huge variety of labels to choose from. Not only that, they also have different categories to opt for, such as Direct Thermal Labels, Thermal Transfer Labels, Sheeted Labels and many more. Plus, the labels work on several printers too. So, your job becomes so much easier. With that being said, I directed my friend to choose clear labels, and to buy all the necessary labels for his groceries and other items. The shipping is done quickly as well, and this will expedite the whole process of him starting his own business.

So my friend was happy with all the input that I gave him. I wished him good luck and walked back home. I was having my lunch sometime back and it suddenly flashed across my mind, to write a post to all my blog readers, as I believe, there might be several people looking to buy some quality labels, just like my friend. That’s the reason I am writing this post, with the intention that it could be of some help to a select few. So friends, Shop now for labels from the above website, which offers quality, variety and at the best price possible too! Have a great weekend ahead!

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Yahoo! re-designs its home page

Yahoo! is renovating the main entry into its website in an effort to get people to visit more frequently and linger for longer periods of time. The long-awaited makeover of Yahoo!’s homepage is the most notable change to the website since the Internet company hired Marissa Mayer as its CEO seven months ago. The new look started rolling out in the US early Wednesday. It’s the first time Yahoo! has redesigned the page in four years. In that time, the company has seen its annual revenue drop by about 30 percent from $7.2 billion in 2008 to $5 billion last year as more online advertising flowed to rivals such as Internet search leader Google and social networking leader Facebook.

Mayer, who spent 13 years helping to build Google into the internet’s most powerful company, has vowed to revive Yahoo!’s revenue growth by establishing more of the company’s services as daily habits that “delight and inspire” their users. Yahoo!’s revamped homepage figures to play a key role in determining whether Mayer, 37, realized her ambition. “We think this will be the new foundation for Yahoo!,” said Mike Kerns, the company’s vice-president of product. Despite the company’s recent financial malaise, Yahoo!’s homepage has remained one of the internet’s top destinations. The page attracted 392 million worldwide visitors last month, a 7% increase from 365 million at the same time last year, according to the research firm comScore Inc.

By comparison, Microsoft’s drew a crowd of 334 million, up 4% from last year, but visitors haven’t been spending as much time at when they check in. They also haven’t been making as many return visits each month. That’s a problem for many other websites, too, as Facebook and other online hangouts capture more of people’s online time. Yahoo!s new homepage isn’t a radical new look, but there are enough changes that could make the website more addictive.

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Pope succession battle key to church future

Pope Benedict XVI’s surprise announcement on Monday that he will resign on February 28 sets the stage for a succession battle that is likely to determine the future course of a church troubled by scandal and declining faith in its traditional strongholds around the world. Benedict became the first pope in six centuries to resign. Vatican officials said they hoped to have a new pope in place by Easter, while expressing shock at a decision that some said had been made as long as a year ago. Saying he had examined his conscience “before God”, Benedict said he felt that he was not up to the challenge of guiding the world’s one billion Catholics.

That task will fall to his successor, who will have to contend not only with a Roman Catholic Church marred by the sexual abuse crisis, but also with an increasingly secular Europe and the spread of Protestant evangelical movements in the US, Latin America and Africa. The resignation sets up a struggle between the staunchest conservatives, in Benedict’s mold, who advocated a smaller church of more fervent believers, and those who feel the church can broaden its appeal in small but significant ways, like allowing divorced Catholics who remarry without an annulment to receive communion or loosening restrictions on condom uses to prevent AIDS.

Many Vatican watchers suspect the cardinals will choose someone with better management skills and a more personal touch than the Bookish Benedict, someone who can extend the church’s reach to new constituencies, particularly to the young of people of Europe, for whom the church is now largely irrelevant, and to Latin America and Africa, where evangelical movements are fast encroaching. “They want somebody who can carry this idea of new evangelization,relighting the missionary fires of the church and actually make it work, not just lay it out in theory,” said John L Allen, a Vatican expert at the National Catholic Reporter.

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