Have you tried these free audio books?

Audio books have created a rage in recent times and as per the statistics, they are one of the most downloaded content. The reason is, audio books help you to understand the stories and the content without you having to take the strain of reading them. So, you can close your eyes, plug in the headphones and listen to the audio peacefully! Well, atleast that’s what I have been doing when I return to home from work. Trust me, listening to audio books on my iPod makes me feel so relaxed and that’s the reason I am writing this post today.

For all those people who have already been listening to audio books, you know the good feeling of it. Now for all those people who haven’t been doing that, you have a great chance to start with, and that too, for free! Yes, I have been downloading free audio books from a very popular online store and I have been enjoying free content from several months. So if any of my blog readers are looking to download audio books for free then take a look at audio book free website and download. Hope you guys have loads of fun this weekend!

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Google picks 8,000 to test internet-connected glasses

Google has picked 8,000 people in the US who will have a chance to wear the company’s new Internet-connected glasses, which are being described as the next breakthrough in mobile computing. The winners will have to pay $1500 apiece if they want a test version of the product, called “Google Glass”. They also will have to travel to New York, Los Angeles or the San Francisco Bay area to pick up the device, which isn’t expected to be available on the mass market until late this year or early next year. The excitement stems from the belief that Google Glass is at the forefront of a new wave of technology known as “wearable computing”.

Google, Apple and several other companies also are working on Internet-connected wrist watches, according to published reports that have cited anonymous people familiar with the projects. The engineers who have been building Google Glass tout the technology as a way to keep people connected to their email, online social networks and other crucial information without having to frequently gaze down at the small screen on a smartphone. The hidden camera is designed to make it easy for people to take handsfree photos or video of whatever they are doing. Privacy watchdogs, though, are already worried that Google Glass will make it even more difficult to know when they are on camera.

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Flipboard gets a new look

Social magazine app Flipboard has launched one of its biggest overhauls to date allowing readers to create and share their own magazines in a bid to keep growing in popularity. The app is letting readers customize their own content around topics, events, and personal interests that can be shared with others. It also partnered with Etsy, the online bazaar for handmade goods, allowing users to shop from Flipboard.

“It’s the largest thing we have ever done,” said Flipboard co-founder and CEO Mike McCue about the new edition. “We want to allow people to curate the content they love.” Flipboard is the latest social media company trying to entice people with the lure of creating and sharing interests along the same lines as fast-growing online scrapbook Pinterest, which lets people “pin” items on a virtual bulleting board.

Even Facebook changed its popular newsfeed in March giving more prominence to photos and videos in an effort to make the social network more of a personalized newspaper. With more than 50 million downloads, Flipboard is a popular app among people who use it as a one-stop place for reading a variety of articles from different sources. It makes money by sharing revenue with partners who sell ads on Flipboard.

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