Looking for musical instruments’ accessories?

Hello everyone :) When it comes to music, there are a lot of things that comes along with it. For instance, buying a guitar isn’t all. You will have to keep it clean and dust-free too. So you will have to buy another accessory that can help to keep the guitar clean. I had recently been to my friend’s home and I was surprised to see that my friend had a plastic accessory that covered his guitar and a couple of other musical instruments.

He said that he does this in order to keep the instruments dust-free, as any dust might cause a distortion in the music. So with that being said, I suggest all my blog readers to take a look at mighty mite necks from musicians friend website to buy several accessories for a range of musical instruments. Call up 800-449-9128 should you need any telephonic assistance. Cheers!

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Thousands finally finish Boston marathon

About 2,000 people, including Boston blasts victims, have symbolically finished the marathon at an emotional event here meant to show that the city has taken back ownership of the popular race that was targeted in a terror attack last month. Nearly seven weeks after two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, about 2,000 people on Saturday ran the last 1.6km – of the 42km race, crossing the finish line.

The impetus to run the final mile came from a group called ‘OneRun’, which was represented by spokesperson Kathleen McGonagle. Tom Grilk, the executive director of the Boston Athletic Association, organized the effort to give runners and those looking to honor victims a true Boston Marathon experience. A cold drizzle didn’t stop the marathon runners from running the final mile. It was their chance to “to run that final mile, stolen from us”, J Alain Ferry, who also helped organize the run, said.

The bombings killed three people and injured more than 250 people. Some of the victims were among the runner. Kyle Shade, 26, carried a Chinese flag to honor Lu Lingzi, a Chinese student who was killed in the bombing, a report said. Jarrod Clowery, a 35-year-old survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings, still facing at least two surgeries on legs riddled with burns and shrapnel wounds attended the ‘OneRun’.

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‘More & more Indians have stopped believing in God’

The latest Global Index of Religiosity and Atheism has found that the number of non-religious people in India has risen. As against 87% saying they were religious in the same survey in 2005, the percentage has fallen to 81% in 2013. In other words, a drop by 6% in seven years. The survey also found a 1% dip in the number of people calling themselves atheists. In 2005, 4% people said they didn’t believe in God. In 2012, that had dipped to 3%.

Globally, the trend is similar. Religiosity has dropped by 9%, while atheism has risen by 3%. The report says there is a notable decline across the globe in self-description of being religious. Pakistan is among the few countries which has seen an increase in the number of people who call themselves religious. The number increased by 6%. Argentina, home to the present Pope, saw an 8% dip in people calling themselves religious.

South Africa has seen a 19% dip in those calling themselves religious, United States 13%, Switzerland and France 21%, and Vietnam 23%. A total of 51,927 persons were interviewed globally from 57 countries in five continents. In each country, a national probability sample of around 1,000 men and women were interviewed. China has the highest number of atheists living in a single country with nearly 50% of its population describing themselves as non-believers compared to an average of 13% across the world.

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