Looking for sturdy hand wheels?

Hi friends :) We all need hand wheels when it comes to adjusting the functions of a machine. It is really helpful and I believe, everyone needs to have a pair of hand wheels. Today, I am happy to let you all know about a website that offers an excellent set of hand wheels for sale. I recently bought them and trust me, they are built of very good quality. It can be used for almost any type of machine and can do the job very easily.

So for all those people looking to buy hand wheels for industries or for any other purpose, please take a look at Reid Supply hand wheels and you can buy them right away. What’s more? You also get a whole lot other machines such as knobs, Handles and many more to buy as well. So take a look at it right away and drop in your comments about what you feel! Call up 800-253-0421 for more information. Cheers!

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Smartphones may save you 22 days a year

Smartphone apps help users save 88 minutes in a day or 22 days a year, a new study has found. The study by market research firm Harris Interactive, based on the responses of 2,120 adults, found that 97 per cent of smartphones owners use at least one app on their device. On average, those smartphones users estimate app usage amounts to 88 minutes of time saved a day or 22 days of free time a year.

Email apps were the most frequently used apps, followed by text and social networking apps. Additionally, smartphone users said they used apps for games, Web browsing, weather, maps or Global positioning System (GPS) and calendar functions, BusinessNewsDaily reported. Though email apps were the most frequently used, people saved more time using text applications than any other type of app. Text apps saved users an average of 53 minutes a day, compared with 35 minutes a day for email apps.

Twenty per cent of workers who use email apps said they were extremely productive using those apps. “As powerful as our survey results prove the smartphone to be, the exciting reality is today’s mobile technology innovation has only scratched the surface of its potential to propel success, both in personal life and in business,” said Gil Bouhnick, vice president of Mobility at ClickSoftware, which conducted the research.

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Woman dies, delivers baby, returns to life

In a miracle, a 36-week pregnant American woman, who was technically dead as her heat had stopped, has delivered a ‘normal’ baby. In February, Erica Nigrelli, a teacher at Elkins High School in Missouri City, was teaching English when she felt faint, placed her hands on a table to steady herself and then passed out. Her colleagues immediately grabbed her. They kept her alive until paramedics arrived and rushed her to a hospital.

Nigrelli’s husband, Nathan, also a teacher at the school, was just two doors down. He rushed into the room. “I opened the door and walked in. Erica was lying on the floor, she was foaming and making gurgling sounds and just starting up,” he was quoted as saying by CNN affiliate KPRC. “My wife is pregnant,” he said. “She’s having a seizure! The baby’s due in three weeks!” By the time 32-year-old Erica was rushed to the hospital, doctors could not find a pulse. Her heart had stopped.

Doctors delivered the baby by emergency cesarean section. Technically, it was a postmortem delivery because Erica’s heart was not beating, the report said. But then something remarkable happened. The doctors turned to Erica and soon her heart started beating again. Now three months later, doctors said her baby – named Elayna – is getting healthier. “She’s just a baby,” said Erica. “A normal baby”.

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