A brand new guitar for my birthday!

Ah! What a birthday it was! I just cannot forget it in spite of my birthday celebrations getting wrapped up a week ago. This year’s birthday was an amazing one, so amazing that I just cannot express it. Loads of gits, parties, delicacies and a whole lot of fun that added all that glitter and excitement that I could ever wish for. Today, I am writing this post to talk about a brand new guitar that I received from my friend, and it’s so amazing that I could not stop myself from writing this up! My best friend had a beautiful guitar and I always loved playing it. I used to lay my hands on them whenever I visit his home.

On my birthday though, he gifted me the same guitar and my joy knew no bounds. I am completely hooked on to it and it feels so great playing it all day long! My friend told me that he got this genuine quality guitar from hercules rmx2 at guitar center online store and he got it at the best price he could ever get. It was delivered to his home free of cost, and he gave that over to me in the same sealed condition. It was a pleasure to open a sealed box, only ti find your favorite guitar lying there! Anyway, I am missing my guitar and I am wrapping up my post here. See you all!

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