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Hi friends. It has been a while since I did blog about coupons that are available on the internet. That’s probably because, I really did not find the best coupon codes. With that being said, I was purchasing most of the products without any coupon codes. A couple of days ago however, I was chatting with my best friend and we happened to discuss about the best coupon sites. During the chat, he was surprised to know that I wasn’t aware of one of the best coupon websites that thousands of internet users utilize, everyday.

I was very curious to know about that website, and was surprised to know how I failed to miss this website. So my friend gave me the website link and I quickly accessed it. I was surprised and felt so good to find a genuine website that is offering hundreds and hundreds of coupon codes and deals, published. The coupon codes are a great way to save money from online shopping and unlike other websites, all coupon codes work 100% every time. I was thrilled and very thankful to my friend, for guiding me to a genuine and a worthy coupon website.

Now I am sure, all my blog readers will be wondering, which website I am talking about. Right, I wouldn’t keep you guys waiting! Take a look at 6pm.com website that offers coupon codes with over 70% off. That’s not all, you get some free shipping too! Now that’s called a real deal, isn’t it? Since the last 2 days, I have been buying a whole lot of products, especially shoes, and I am really in love with them. What’s more, I have been buying a lot of discounted items to my girlfriend too. She has been an avid shopper with me since the last 2 days!

So guys, do take a look at the website and I am sure, you all will love it. One of the best features include over 70% discount and free shipping to your doorstep, which is simply amazing and very unique to other regular coupon sites. So go ahead and have fun shopping. Have a great weekend ahead!

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Samsung’s shipbuilding and tech arms to merge

The shipbuilding and engineering arms of the Samsung Group announced a plan to merge by the end of the year, in another sign that restructuring is gaining speed at the company, South Korea’s largest conglomerate, in apparent response to the faltering health of its leader.

Samsung Heavy Industries will absorb Samsung Engineering by issuing 236 new shares for every 100 Samsung Engineering shares, according to the merger plan approved by the boards of both companies and disclosed in a regulatory filing. That means that Samsung Heavy, one of the world’s largest ship builders, will issue 94 million new shares, valuing the deal at 2.5 trillion won, or $2.4 billion.

Samsung’s efforts to merge affiliates with related portfolios has quickened since Lee Kun-hee, 72, the patriarch of the group’s controlling family, was hospitalized in May after a heart attack. The exact condition of Lee, chairman of the conglomerate’s crown jewel, Samsung Electronics, is a closely guarded secret.

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