Hillary hits the road after announcing 2016 president run

Hilary Clinton spotting is the hottest activity in the US and world media right now after one of America’s most recognizable people, who has been the first lady, a New York senator, and secretary of state, hit the road after declaring on Sunday that she is running for the president’s post in 2016. The star candidate, who in three-decades of intensely public life has already racked up a resume and cachet rarely found in presumptive presidential race nominees, is headed to Iowa. She has two scheduled events on Monday in the so-called Hawkeye state, and she can be certain she will get both hawkeye scrutiny and hawkish attention despite her efforts to kickstart her campaign in a low-key manner.

The strategy included releasing a 138-second video on Sunday declaring her presidential bid that is being minutely analyzed even as she jumped into a van with aides – rather than into a flashy GulfStream jet or a ritzy campaign bus trailed by endless media – for the 1046 mile road trip. The effort appeared to e to present herself as an ordinary, against-odds candidate connecting with ordinary people instead of the odds-on political insider that she is.

Indeed, first reports from the road showed her chatting up people in gas stations and eateries along the way. She isn’t driving herself; she said in an interview last year that she hasn’t sat behind the steering wheel since 1996 when the Secret Service forbade her from driving when she was the first lady. Back in political parlors, living rooms and on kitchen tables, the video was being viewed and reviewed for substance and sincerity.

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