Stylish and affordable oak veneer

If you are looking for beautifully crafted oak veneer for your kitchen, home or office interiors, you are in the right place. I recently ordered for oak veneer for restructuring m whole kitchen at home. I was looking for a great quality product and more importantly, extremely stylish and an attractive product. So I choose red oak veneer sheets for my kitchen and once they were installed, they looked truly fantastic.

So I decided to inform my blog readers about the beautiful red oak veneer sheets, that are truly impressive. If you are looking for sturdy wooden sheets for your kitchen, or for any interiors, simply take a look at oak veneer website today. If you need any assistance on choosing between red or white oak veneer, call the experts on 800-326-6847 today.  Happy weekend!

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Global conference raises $10bn in aid for Syrian refugees

Donor nations pledged on Thursday to give billions of dollars in aid to Syrians as world leaders gathered for a conference to tackle the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, with Turkey reporting a new exodus of tens of thousands fleeing air strikes. British PM David Cameron said the meeting had raised over $10 billion for humanitarian aid. “Today’s achievements are not a solution to the crisis – we still need to see a political transition,” he said.

With Syria’s five-year-old civil war raging and another attempt at peace negotiations called off in Geneva after just few days, the London conference aims to address the needs of some 6 million people displaced within Syria and more than 4million refugees in another countries. Underlining the desperate situation on the ground in Syria, Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu said tens of thousands of Syrians were on the move towards his country to escape aerial bombardments on the city of Aleppo.

“Sixty to seventy thousand people in the camps in north Aleppo are moving towards Turkey. My mind is not now in London, but on our border – how to relocate these new people coming from Syria?” he said. “Three hundred thousand people living in Aleppo are ready to move towards Turkey.”

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