Let’s get to know Adrian Young better!

We all know who’s Adrian Young, don’t we? Adrian Young was part of a Grammy award winning group and is undoubtedly one of the most talented drummers. Today, I am writing this post to all those music buffs who have an extra bit of interest in drums and some of the biggest people who are involved behind creating various types of drums. I happened to go through Adrian Young’s interview on one of the world’s most popular guitar sales center, and I could not stop sharing it with all my blog readers.

The interview takes you through the journey of Adrian Young, the way he started playing drums and how we went on to own a firm and how he designs the drums that he plays. Curious to know more? Read the complete and an exclusive interview at Guitar Center, adrian young today! I am sure it’ll amaze you, and is definitely an inspiration for all those drummers out there. If you love playing drums and wish to buy one, contact 866-498-7882 for more information. Don’t forget to drop in your comments on the interview below!

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