Quest room in Georgia!

Hi everyone! Today, I am writing about a very interesting topic – Escape room. We were 12 people from my company who had been to quest room located in Georgia. Trust me, I had an amazing time coming out of the escape room and thanks to my office friends who indeed gave me a helping hand. You will have to escape from the room using clues, directions and help from your bunch of friends who are with you –  that is not only fun but also helps to bond better with your colleagues. I knew less than half of my colleagues before I went to the escape room but by the time I came out, I knew almost all of them! The game is best played with 8 or more people and as I said, we were 12 of us. The entire experience was mind blowing and so I thought I’ll share the experience with my blog readers and corporate friends.

If you work for a corporate or an organisation and looking to conduct team building activities, I would say quest room is one of the best choices that you can make. If you are an employee and looking for a quick break, head out with your team of friends at office to the quest room for a fantastic experience. I feel that this is one of the coolest team bonding activity for corporate employees, as every one has to participate and interact with one another, leading to better understanding between the team members. You can contact quest room Atlanta for more information, they have some brilliant customer support folks who’ll do everything to help you out with any queries or concerns that you may have.

Do not forget to drop in your comments once you come back from the quest room. I am truly eager to hear all your experiences. Have a great Friday ahead!

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