Looking for customized name plates or awards?

A few months ago, we celebrated the “Rewards n Recognitions” at our office and for that, we had to reward over 100 people for their respective achievements at work. One major problem that we encountered was to find a company that sells personalized awards online. While we were able to find a bunch of websites that offered a variety of awards, getting an instantly customizable one was a major setback. After intense search and inquiring with a lot of well-known friends, I was redirected to one of the most popular personalized name plate company – only to find what we wanted and much more! So, I thought of sharing my experience with all my fellow bloggers and readers today. May be, if any of you are looking for custom designed name badges or anything similar, it might help!

So, we placed a requirement for name tags and engraved name plates. The pricing was excellent and we also got a completely free shipping. Most importantly, we were able to conceptualize a design and instantly get a first-hand view of how the award actually looked like! Trust me, this is very important and very few companies can actually do this online. So, we were able to buy personalized office name plates, magnetic name tags and a lot more workplace gifts online. Trust me, the entire experience of purchasing the awards and nametags was a very smooth one.

By the way if you ask me, I would recommend you to check out their huge collection of marble and crystal office awards that look truly wonderful. The awards are priced competitively and the quality of the product is great. So, if you are looking to buy custom designed name plates online, look no further. Go ahead and see for yourself. I am impressed, I am sure that you would be too! If you need any help or prefer to talk to someone before you do anything, call them on 1.888.628.3298 between Monday to Friday. They are based in Fremont.

Have a great day ahead folks and thanks for reading!

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Cyber attack in Iran leaves US flag on screens

Hackers have attacked networks in a number of countries including data centres in Iran where they left the image of a US flag on screens along with a warning, “Don’t mess with our elections,” the Iranian IT ministry said on Saturday. “The attack apparently affected 2,00,000 router switches across the world in a widespread attack, including 3,500 switches in our country,” the communication and information technology ministry said in a statement carried by Iran’s official news agency IRNA.

The statement said the attack, which hit internet service providers and cut off web access for subscribers, was made positive by a vulnerability in routers from Cisco which had earlier issued a warning. A blog published on Thursday by Nick Biasini, a threat researcher at Cisco’s Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group, said “Several incidents in multiple countries, including some specifically targeting critical infrastructure, have involved the misuse of the Smart install protocol. As a result, we’re taking an active stance, and are urging customers, again, of the elevated risk and available remediation paths.”

On Saturday, Cisco said those postings were a tool to help clients identify weaknesses and repel a cyber attack.

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Have you bought the latest Viar electric scooter?

I recent times, pollution has increased dramatically worldwide. With a higher number of vehicles hitting the road, it is no surprise that pollution levels has reached an alarming level. If you are concerned about the pollution and wish to contribute in a better way, why not start riding an electric scooter from Viar? Yes, one of the most popular company, Viar, has launched a wide range of scooters that does not require petrol or diesel to run. It runs on an electric chare, rather on batteries that needs to be charged before you start riding. That’s it! Charge full and start riding wherever you want! From within the city to far-off places, your electric scooter from Viar can take you wherever you want.

About 2 weeks ago, one of my friend visited my house in an electric scooter. Initially, I was not aware of this and I was wondering, why did he even buy this. Later, he explained to me the benefits of this scooter. Some benefits of riding an electric scooter include:

  1. No pollution
  2. No spending on petrol, diesel or gas
  3. Cost-effective on longer run
  4. Smooth transmission, great acceleration
  5. Reduced noise levels
  6. Single charge can last for several hundreds of kilometres

I was very surprised on knowing all these benefits. Another interesting aspect is the mileage. I was very curious to know the mileage that I can get out of this Viar scooter. My friend was confident in letting me know that he usually gets about 55 – 60 km mileage! That was incredible from a scooter that runs on electric charge. I was very tempted and wanted to see how this works. So I went ahead for a test ride. The location for test ride is Jl. Lake Agung Selatan Block: O / 3 No: 38 Sunter.

Test ride

The test ride was amazing and I was immediately confident on the way the scooter has been designed. It is well-built and offers an excellent stability. The ride was very smooth with almost no noise, making the ride very comfortable. I was very happy with Viar electric scooter Q1 and I immediately booked the vehicle. I was given a discount too! I am very happy with the price ad the overall quality.

So my fellow readers, if any of you are interested to buy an electric scooter, look no further than E-VIAR Q1. The bike is really awesome. Most importantly, you are contributing to a better environment. Go ahead and book a test ride today! If you have any questions, call the friendly team on 021-65832202 and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. Have a great day and happy riding Viar Q1 electric scooter!

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