Piquet could return to F1 : Hamilton

World champion Lewis Hamilton believes the disgraced Nelson Piquet Jr could return to Formula One despite his part in the Singapore race-fix scandal.

On the orders of Renault, the Brazilian deliberately crashed his car during the sport’s inaugural night race last year, opening the door for teammate Fernando Alonso to win. The scandal led to the downfall of team principal Flavio Briatore and chief engineer Pat Symonds, but as the “whistle blower”, Piquet, who was sacked by Renault in July, was given immunity. Despite his reputation being in ruins, the 24-year old has apologised and made it clear that he wants to return to the grid.

Hamilton said it could happen. “He is a good driver and he has a great career, so who knows?” said the Brit. “For sure, there are opportunities for him in the future and i can only wish him the best.”

Hamilton has had his own share of bad publicity, but he added that he could not understand how Piquet was feeling right now. “Not really, because i have never gone through what he is going through,” he said. “But he is still very young and he is experienced and he will take it in his stride.”

Meanwhile, any hope Hamilton had of defending his title has vanished with a difficult first half of the year when MacLaren was not competitive. Since then he has picked up points, including a win at Hungary, and said he would always push 100 percent for victory. “I think it is just a part of my character and who i am,” he said. “I have just always had it, in whatever i have done, especially when it is competing. I have always had this something inside of me that i want to win. And it just keeps me going.”

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